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Looking for New Windows in Your South Portland, ME Home? Pella has Tips to Help Make the Right Choice

Looking for New Windows in Your South Portland, ME Home? Pella has Tips to Help Make the Right Choice

When purchasing windows for your home improvement or new construction project, you naturally want to choose the best windows for your project and budget. As you evaluate your options, ponder these facts:

  1. Windows can affect the interior and exterior character of your South Portland area home.
  2. Your window choice can make a significant difference in your home’s comfort level and energy costs.
  3. The construction of your windows can have a healthy impact on the resale value of your South Portland area residence if or when you decide to sell.

If you take the time to investigate the style and function options available, you will be happy with your purchase and enjoy the pleasure of viewing the outside world through your new windows for many years.

What questions should you think about when purchasing replacement windows for your South Portland home?

  • How will my new windows look? Remember that your family and guests are going to see your replacement windows most often from in the home, not outside of it. Stand inside and study the view carefully; will the type of window and color fit with your home’s décor? Will you be able to easily open the window for cleaning? Can light flow into the home? And don’t neglect to stand outside from multiple viewing positions to evaluate if the style of replacement window you are considering fits with the look of your South Portland home.
  • How energy efficient are the windows? Understand the statistics relating to your windows that impact their energy efficiency. Topics to consider are U-values and Low-E insulating glass with argon windows, and weatherstripping. For instance, U-values grade the insulating value of windows. The best windows have low U-values to help keep out extreme temperatures. Compare ratings of efficiency beforehand to help bring down heating and cooling expenses and receive the most value for your investment.
  • Will your new windows operate as you expect them to? Just like purchasing a car, it is important to test operating a window before you decide to purchase it. Can you open or shut the window easily? Is the window accessible enough to clean inside and out? Does the window hardware (or the crank handle) fold away in order to leave window blinds or shades undisturbed? If the window will be a means of exit in case of fire, confirm that it opens easily and offers an adequately-sized opening.
  • What is the installation process? Installing your windows is either blended with the overall purchase price or requires an outside contractor. If you are using the services of contractor, it may be smart to inquire about installation price and included services prior to ordering your windows.
  • How easy is it to clean your new windows? The weather in the South Portland area can be unpredictable. Outdoor elements such as wind, rain and snow can impact the appearance of your windows. Consider low-maintenance options like aluminum cladding or in-between-the-glass grilles for an easier way of keeping your windows clean and looking great for years.
  • What color and hardware options are available? Color selection reflects your style and enhances the overall appeal of your South Portland home. Some window companies offer a small selection of exterior color options. Determine what color schemes are in place for the windows you want. Also, that latches and handles complement the style of your home and coordinate with other hardware options in your home, such as cabinetry hardware, faucets and other fixtures.
  • How much will you pay? The philosophy ”you get what you pay for” applies to many products, and windows are no exception. The cheapest windows may not be your best buy. A quality window will be energy efficient and offer years of beauty and performance.

We invite you to visit Pella at the South Portland area Showroom to learn more about your choices, or give us a call at 207-253-1856.

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